Extracting First (Post)

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome on Board to our blog!
I´m so excited and thankful to have you here!

As any start, let me introduce myself and say all about what you´ll find here (and I hope you enjoy!).

Who is this guy?

Well, my name´s Alexandre Lopes (please call me Alex), I´m a brazilian guy, 34th, International Trader dealing with import and export processes of many dilfferent segments from and to Brazil for almost 20 years, and another passioned about coffee (a truly #coffeelover).

As a common businessman, I´m a kind of Dodge Charger  getting fueled all day long with caffeine, and started enjoying this black precious liquid when I was a kid, during family trips to Minas Gerais state (where some of the brazilian premium coffees comes from). 

Bla Bla Bla, What Will I find here?

Going straight, here you´ll find some good contents about worldwide coffee, recipes, newbie things that I´ll do by myself, amazing pictures and many other things.

During this almost 20 years in business (yes, I started too young at a familiar based company with 14years), I had some second jobs and one of them was a night-time kitchen hand. Come on… For a guy who loves to eat, I worked in heaven. Since there I developed this interest to dedicate myself in cooking, principally exploring our regionality. What would be more regional than coffee, cheese-bread and tapioca? Here you´ll find a lot about all of them!

First-time Sailor, Bear with me!

I´m a professional seller, not a professional chef or barista, neither have commercial equipments (ok, I dream with La Marzocco and La Spaziale sometimes, but then I wake up and go with a dripped), so if you have any tips, trainings, comments, I´m all open! =D

Nobody succeeds alone, and I want to succeed. Are you with me? Take your mug and come enjoy!

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